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Ternary materials for lithium ion batteries

Ternary materials for lithium-ion batteries arelithium ion batterytechnology in the development of a new type of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, because of its comparative advantage, ternary lithium-ion battery materials showed broad prospects on the application in the market. Cathode material for lithium-ion battery from lithium to lithium cobalt oxide, manganese oxide, ternary material into three types (In addition to the dynamic type of lithium iron phosphate), So-called ternary materials for lithium-ion batteries is nickel, cobalt, and manganese salts as raw material, nickel and cobalt and manganese are three elements (ternary) battery cathode materials made of mixed in different proportions.  The advantages of lithium cobalt oxide significantly, but the high price of Cobalt metal, has the advantages of lithium manganese oxide ratio performance, low cost, high temperature resistance and poor performance, ternary material for lithium-ion battery is integrated the advanta…