Application and development trend of lithium ion capacitor

Lithium ion capacitor has widely of application prospects, this is because it integrated has lithium battery and traditional double capacitor of advantages, and lithium battery phase compared, it more stable, since discharge very less; and double electric layer capacitor compared, both of charging speed difference is unlikely to, but energy density is high out double electric layer capacitor, in storage power same of situation, size also just which of a few minutes one of.
At present, in the electric double-layer capacitors based on improved lithium ion capacitors are used in the following four aspects:
1 Balancing wind power, when the breeze generation less usable power capacitor electrical storage can be used when a strong wind, not wasteful;
2 Street lamp battery a full charge unit (including LED Lighting, solar panels and lithium-ion capacitor) can maintain all night lighting, using nickel-metal hydroxide batteries or lithium ion battery of the complex control modules;
3 Power balance, with the same principle of wind power, lithium ion capacitor UPS uninterrupted power supply systems, in engineering applications such as lift-assisted peak current through the small capacity of the miniaturization of the system main power;
4 Standby power supply: electronic control equipment for big cars and small applications.
Lithium ion capacitor, with its small advantage in added value has a certain appeal, and its reuse properties well, reduces replacement and maintenance problems. As a source of high-end, show good prospects for its development.
1 Replacing the electric double-layer capacitors and some special-use lithium-ion batteries, but replaced its speed, this is determined by the price.
2 Expand the scope and application.
3 National industrialization, Japan will continue to lead, while China is lagging behind.
4 Mass-produce needed technological breakthroughs, particularly new technology breakthroughs, there may be reference to lithium-ion battery technology improved especially power lithium-ion battery technology improved, because li ion battery pack on the security and consistency requirements are relatively high, this technical progress of lithium ion capacitor technology has a significant role.

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