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Japan's Fujitsu Company set up a capacitor business promoting room, its Chief named LingMuJingSheng recently wrote a universal knowledge of lithium ion capacitor and with lithium-ion batteries and electric double-layer capacitors compared the features.
Fujitsu develops lithium-ion capacitor is characterized by high output power, charge and discharge cycle characteristics of excellent, high power is needed, mainly for the hybrid car field.
1 .Self-comparison of discharge, voltage, capacity,
Lithium ion capacitor with the lithium-ion battery material differences mainly in the positive. The cathode of lithium ion capacitor is activated carbon; this is different from lithium ion battery lithium oxide.
2 .Safety: lithium battery replace the nickel-metal hydroxide batteries and lead acid batteries is a great progress in battery technology, but safety of lithium-ion batteries also have occurred, as noted above, this is caused by their different cathode structure. Lithium battery cathode using lithium oxide, not only contains large amounts of lithium can be formation of lithium Dendrite also contain important elements of the fire oxygen. Cells once the short circuit can develop integrated thermal decomposition, and electrolyte reactions may cause a fire.
And the positive electrode of lithium ion capacitor is activated carbon, even if internal short circuit will react with the negative, but it will not react with electrolyte, in theory, this is much safer than lithium-ion batteries.
3. And long life features: lithium battery for longer life, the depth charging and discharging lithium batteries have some limits, thus reducing substantially the available capacity, electric double-layer capacitors charge and discharge principle is simple to adsorption or removal of ions in electrolytic solution and has the longest life expectancy alone it is difficult to extend the practical life. Positive electrode of lithium ion capacitor reduces potential voltage of the unit it will not fall sharply, thus ensuring that capacity.
4, High temperature resistant features: storage components vulnerabilities is working when the temperature rises. Repeated charging and discharging process, the internal resistance will help push temperatures to rise, thus affecting the life, this is because, under the condition of high temperature, electrolyte, anode oxidation prone, therefore, in high temperature conditions may need to lower the cathode potential, but potential to reduce cases, electric double layer capacitor voltage drops as a whole to ensure capacity. Li ion battery you cannot buck, prone to security problems. Lithium ion capacitor is the only oxidation decomposition at cathode potential away from the region's location, and excellent high temperature performance.

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